About Kate Shively 3

This year, I am working with the Elementary Certification’s Master Program – teaching and supervising pre-service teachers. The course I teach focuses on the importance of reflective teaching and learning, as well as, building professional portfolios. In addition, I will be teaching a course about the importance of visual-spatial teaching and learning – drawing on new media, digital arts, and the fine arts to explore how teachers can enhance learning across the curriculum. This course is designed for general educators. They will experience time exploring what it means to think visually and spatially in the classroom from a teacher’s perspective and from a student’s perspective.

Prior to my Associate Instructor position, I worked as a Graduate Assistant at the Creativity Labs at Indiana University with Kylie Peppler, PhD. As part of my work,  I helped coordinate the Make-to-Learn Symposium!  In addition, I also worked on a few projects involving the intersection of creativity and e-textiles with youth.  Through the labs, I became an affiliate with IUMAKES – an initiative to bring together our community to share innovative projects and technologies. I was also involved with the planning and marketing of MakerBridge – a series of webinars published online by Dr. Julian Sefton-Green and Dr. Kylie Peppler, which discussed the initiatives, experiences, and academic understandings between the UK and US in regards to digital making.

This year, I am celebrating the third implementation of Saturday Studio, a studio-style workshop for children ages 6+ that began with the help and guidance of Dr. Lara Lackey, Dr. Dave Flinders, and Dr. Kylie Peppler. This studio space was designed after the Computer Clubhouse model. I have designed, coordinated, and collaborated with graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty to bring a digital design and creative explorations studio to our community. It is the only program of its kind in this area. Saturday Studio is a collaboration between adults, school age children and youth – where we explore digital media and make interest-driven projects in an informal digital learning environment. At the end of each semester, we host a gallery show – where participants can give digital tours of their work/artifacts to those visiting the show.

My background is in early childhood/elementary education, as well as, owning a photography business. I volunteer for different committees across the school of education. And as part of  service to my children’s school community, I was the school’s PTO president and currently hold a position on the marketing and development committee. I enjoy swimming a few times a week and meeting with colleagues and friends to discuss current happenings in education.   My favorite season is summer – when I can hike and swim with my children on a regular basis!

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