Digital Design 3

Digital Design

Wrapped up the third implementation of Saturday Studio last weekend. What a great round!  We had nine children ages 6 to 12 years old show up every Saturday for five weeks to make all sorts of different digital artifacts. They used Scratch, Minecraft, Photoshop, and ScreenCast-o-Matic and Fraps to make their projects. Some of the projects included:

1. Lets Play for Minecraft

2. Comic character – drawing/editing using Photoshop

3. Animations using Scratch

4. Villages, treehouses, dungeons, and more in Minecraft

5. Several of the children made friends with one another and have exchanged information to stay in touch!

We will be hosting a gallery show of their work to share with their families in a few weeks.  The images showing in this post are from the last two implementations. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to administer and facilitate such an amazing workshop every year! Looking forward to doing this again for my dissertation – coming soon – 2013!

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