Digital Drawing 3

Digital Drawing

As of late, our oldest daughter has taken to drawing lessons – online. She spends time surfing the videos from different sites looking for online visual aids to model for her how to draw her favorite anime, landscapes, and animals.  At night, she may spend 2-3 hours drawing. Tonight, she decided to start creating her birthday invitations (inspired by her sister, who was also designing her invite). Both of them took different approaches to making their invites.

Our oldest daughter drew a cat and then photographed it and loaded it into Photoshop to continue designing/making her invites. While her younger sister spent about an hour exploring different fonts, color blocks, and graphics – making hers completely digital in Photoshop. Both of them are still working on completing them – but I have uploaded them “in progress”

I can remember making note cards, stationary, and all sorts of journals growing up – I can tell that my girls will be doing the same, but most likely with the help of mixing media – I hope I never see paper go extinct – but if paper should – what might be missed by future generations? Will they miss paper – do we miss papyrus, clay tablets, cave walls, or stone tablets/carvings as a primary mode of communication or expression? What does the future hold if we go completely digital? Instead of learning how to hand-write, our children learn how to design and make different – customized fonts – indicating their identities via the style of their personalized font?

These things make me wonder what the future holds – but for today – I will share these beautiful “handmade” digital artifacts – created by my seven and nine year old daughters!


Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 11.51.49 PM                                                                                          Age 7

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