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Saturday Studio Exhibit: A Short Reflection

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As the semester comes to an end, so does the sixth implementation of Saturday Studio.  Reflecting on the semester I am thankful for the facilitators who volunteered their Saturdays to play, model, and guide children in this open-ended arts environment.… Read the rest

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Media Art Experiences and Pre-Service Teachers

After facilitating Saturday Studio for the past four years, I was invited to teach a course to undergraduate pre-service teachers regarding the implementation of media art across the elementary curriculum. For the past two semesters we have been exploring the challenges and possibilities of integrating new media and technologies in elementary classrooms and curricula.  … Read the rest

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Saturday Studio – Spring 2014

It is hard to believe I have facilitated Saturday Studio for over three  years now! This last round was short, but very productive.  It couldn’t have been done without great volunteers (pre-service teachers and graduate students), inquisitive children, and curious parents who come in to play and create each semester.  … Read the rest

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Saturday Studio – Minecraft Desktop

In Saturday Studio, the children are able to explore whatever platforms are of interest to them. The last two years, Minecraft has been very popular. This year, I have added digital design resources that children can explore to help them determine a path of what they’d like to make – there is so much that Minecraft offers, that it is difficult to convey in a short 6 sessions.… Read the rest

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Saturday Studio Desktop

As I prepare for our first session next week, I have been organizing all the sites and resources for children to explore using a tool called Symbaloo. This site allows one to make a customized desktop of shortcuts according to categories, themes, interests, etc.… Read the rest

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Flickr Blog

As I get organized for Saturday Studio, I came across this post by a young 14-year old photographer. He specializes in making these amazing visual stories by using his gift to imagine miniature worlds – and then making them come ‘alive’ —- His short interview is a glimpse inside the life of a boy raised by artists.… Read the rest

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Obsessions or Passions

Often times I hear adults talking about how children are engaging in obsessive behaviors when playing video games or spending time on computers. Just recently, the New York Times published an article discussing how Minecraft can be educational as long as we set limits on the time spent playing the game.… Read the rest

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What does it mean to be well-educated?

Today’s climate in education puts teachers, parents, and children under the microscope. Researchers, evaluators, policymakers are all trying to contribute and improve the system we call education. But what does it mean to say that someone is well-educated? In a world that is so diverse and ever changing?… Read the rest

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Digital Drawing

As of late, our oldest daughter has taken to drawing lessons – online. She spends time surfing the videos from different sites looking for online visual aids to model for her how to draw her favorite anime, landscapes, and animals.  At night, she may spend 2-3 hours drawing.… Read the rest

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Saturday Studio – Photography

If we can discover a child s urgent needs and powers, and if we can supply an environment of materials, appliances, and resources physical, social, and intellectual to direct their adequate operation, we shall not have to think about interest. It will take care of itself. Read the rest

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Living with makers: Makevention

Not long ago, Olivia learned all about e-textiles. She was so excited she started to imagine how she might use them at home. In a previous post we shared her friend “snakey” who had a boo-boo – she had designed a solution to fix  her snake’s boo-boo by sewing on some LEDs and making a night light.… Read the rest

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Saturday Studio – Coming Soon!

Saturday Studio is just around the corner!  I am very excited to work with the children and parents this semester explore new media.  In the past, they have embarked on making and remixing video games, stop motion, and mixing media to make creative digital artifacts.… Read the rest

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About Kate Shively

This year, I am working with the Elementary Certification’s Master Program – teaching and supervising pre-service teachers. The course I teach focuses on the importance of reflective teaching and learning, as well as, building professional portfolios. In addition, I will be teaching a course about the importance of visual-spatial teaching and learning – drawing on new media, digital arts, and the fine arts to explore how teachers can enhance learning across the curriculum.Read the rest

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Saturday Studio Gallery Show

Today was a big day!

The children and youth who participated in the Saturday Studio workshop this semester presented their work to the community.  Last year we shared screenshots and printed them out for the community.  This year – a powerpoint presentation shared their works – and we had laptops available for the families to explore, play, and create artifacts with their children.… Read the rest

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Living with Makers:

Today my girls discovered!  Boy were they excited – both of them chose their avatar, their own password, and immediately started exploring the site.  Our youngest daughter decided to do a bubble experiment – making green water and blowing bubbles as big as she could with a straw and a bowl.… Read the rest

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Living with Makers

Over the past few years, I have been observing my household shift from a gaming environment to a making environment. We’ve always been a maker home, but for awhile, there was a heavy emphasis on gaming – video gaming, board games, making games.… Read the rest

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Crafting Lets Plays

I will be presenting at the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum in October, 2013 a paper that shares findings from a case study of one child making Lets Plays and tutorials for a game called, MinecraftThe purpose of the study was to explore how new media technologies make it possible for a child to explore personally meaningful questions through making a digital artifact. Read the rest

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Digital Design

Wrapped up the third implementation of Saturday Studio last weekend. What a great round!  We had nine children ages 6 to 12 years old show up every Saturday for five weeks to make all sorts of different digital artifacts. They used Scratch, Minecraft, Photoshop, and ScreenCast-o-Matic and Fraps to make their projects.… Read the rest

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Interest-Driven and Creativity Presentations

This year I will be presenting at American Education Research Association (AERA) in San Francisco, CA.

The following are the proposals that were accepted:

Shively, K. (ACCEPTED – 2013). Digital Design And Creative Explorations: An Interest-Driven,Informal Digital Learning Environment For Children.… Read the rest

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Make-to-Learn Symposium

March 13, Chicago, IL

This year I have been working with Indiana University’s Creativity Labs to bring researchers and practitioners together for a one day hands-on, research focused event.  Below is a brief description of the Make-to-Learn initiative as described on our website:

Make-to-Learn is an effort that leverages DIY culture, digital practices, and educational research to advocate for placing making, creating, and designing at the core of educational practice.Read the rest

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How to Make a MakerSpace

This weekend I flew out to Boston, MA to attend a three day panel and worshop event hosted at Artisan Asylum. I did not know exactly what to expect.  When I arrived, I was overwhelmed with feelings of awe and excitement.… Read the rest

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