Living with Makers: digitalmakers vs. handmakers 2

Living with Makers: digitalmakers vs. handmakers

April 7, 2013

I came home twice this week to find our oldest daughter working hard on a couple of projects she was trying to make online. Lately, she has been intrigued with teaching herself how to illustrate cartoons, animals, and other characters by using YouTube to guide her instruction. Earlier in the week, she sat at my desk with her notebook balanced on her knees as she viewed a tutorial on how to draw a pegasus. She was quite proud of her accomplishment once she was completed with it – she titled it and signed it – then took it to school to share with her classmates.

Then later in the week, I found her with her monitor screen split between two windows – one was an active screen for Minecraft and then the second screen was active with YouTube example of a ‘sculpted’ My Little Pony  (known as pixel art). As I watched her, she was toggling between the two screens and rapidly placing blocks, chiseling them, and placing them in different positions to make her version of the My Little Pony cartoon. I wish I had an example of her working on this project – but all I have are examples of others doing this on YouTube – which I find quite interesting that children are picking up these videos as methods to self-teach how to make “pixel-art” – Below are a few examples of what she was trying to do.

I wonder how an interest in making art via drawing with pencil and paper informs the ability to ‘digitally draw’ using pixel art (and vice versa)?   Are these two mediums interrelated? How? What else is going on in either of these practices that may help push forward the arts? What might engaging in these informal opportunities push forward learning in general? What skills might be developed from self-teaching and drawing on resources at your fingertips? How might all of this be applied in schools and in the future – i.e. career training?

Fluttershy- Minecraft Pixel Art Music Video

And here is more advanced example of pixel art music video that recently went viral:

Beetlejuice- A Minecraft Rollercoaster

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