Living with makers: Makevention 5

Living with makers: Makevention

Not long ago, Olivia learned all about e-textiles. She was so excited she started to imagine how she might use them at home. In a previous post we shared her friend “snakey” who had a boo-boo – she had designed a solution to fix  her snake’s boo-boo by sewing on some LEDs and making a night light. We had the opportunity to do so at Makevention!

We sat together and worked out where to put the lights, decor, and stitches.  After about an hour of sewing, Snakey was fixed and had some pretty cool blue lights! While Olivia and I worked on this project, Samantha hacked a t-shirt – She cut the sleeves off, helped sew it into a halter top and added some creative drawings to it – the girls had a great time fixing their favorite toys, making shirts, jewelry, music instruments, rockets, and racing cars!

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