Living with Makers 2

Living with Makers

Over the past few years, I have been observing my household shift from a gaming environment to a making environment. We’ve always been a maker home, but for awhile, there was a heavy emphasis on gaming – video gaming, board games, making games. This post focuses on my reflections from an informal perspective, an introspective attempt to kick off a reflective journal about my family’s involvement in MAKING – expressing ourselves through hands-on, informal, interest-driven making!

As of late, my family (my children, myself, and husband) have been making all sorts of things from hand making to digital making.

Our oldest daughter started making a ‘storage-bot’ – inspired by a book I brought back from a business trip that provided instructions to make ‘small’ robots from recyclables. She made one small robot – and all of a sudden started sketching and making a ‘giant’ box-bot – She started to paint it blue – gave it some eyes – and a mouth. She is currently trying to figure out how to give it arms and legs.

Our youngest daughter made clay beads and chocolates. She loves to to bake and cook. She made homemade bread just after Christmas.  She also made photos of her sister making the robot mentioned above. In addition, she lays in her bed and makes song lists and then sings as loud as possible. Recently, she found an app to mix music – and currently is making mixes.

My husband – he makes websites (for me and my workplace). He also dabbles in making video games. He likes to make code and dabble in making templates for websites. When he isn’t play video games or working (as an IT specialist) – he’s making, usually digital making – websites, blogs, video games.

I make photos. I also recently learned to knit.  I made four scarves and a little knit purse for my daughter over the winter holiday. I also design and make learning environments where children can make whatever interests them – with a heavy emphasis on digital making. However, the ceiling is very high – open to whatever interests them – as long as we have the resources! I also make connections in the field of education through my research.

This blog is dedicated to my makers – it’s inspiring to live with them – to be present in their moments of discovery, innovation, and to watch their creativity unfold. I plan to share this journey as a method of reflecting on their accomplishments and any bumps they may encounter – to document our family’s time together sharing in something we all love to do.  MAKE.

I live with MAKERS.


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