Living with Makers: Minecraft 3

Living with Makers: Minecraft

Have you heard of Minecraft? I’m sure you have!  I first became interested in Minecraft in 2010 – when our then 6 year old daughter became interested in it. She was so engrossed in learning how to play that she spent hours using the Internet to teach herself. She watched YouTube videos to see others play, read Minepedia to learn about the resources and how to combine them to make tools, and used Google to look for forums and other resources to guide her explorations. Over the course of a year she went from playing on her own to playing with her father’s Informatics friends on a private server. She surrounded herself by players more advanced than herself – creating a community of players to model advanced practices for designing, playing, and making in Minecraft. She began using command prompts and mods to customize the design of her game. She also made numerous videos called Let’s Plays to share online to teach young children how to play the game.  In the photo attached to this post, she is using a YouTube video to guide her as she makes her building – watching and building simultaneously – switching between screens, menus, and tools to complete her project. Her involvement and engagement intrigued me so much that I began wondering – what are  children doing with Minecraft?

What other artifacts are children making using this game?

What do their parents think of their game play and making?

What is being learned during this interaction and continual exposure games like Minecraft?

How can Minecraft be used to teach? or should it be used to teach?

What do you think?



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