Saturday Studio Gallery Show 3

Saturday Studio Gallery Show

Today was a big day!

The children and youth who participated in the Saturday Studio workshop this semester presented their work to the community.  Last year we shared screenshots and printed them out for the community.  This year – a powerpoint presentation shared their works – and we had laptops available for the families to explore, play, and create artifacts with their children. The room was jammed packed with adults and children sharing computers, mingling, and making together.  It was amazing to watch parents/grandparents engage with their children using digital media – children were teaching their parents/grandparents how to design/make in Scratch, design/make in Minecraft, design/make in Photoshop. I wonder, what might adults learn from interacting with children in playful environments (like Minecraft)?

Please visit the Saturday Studio page to see some of the digital artifacts children have created.

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