Saturday Studio – Photography 5

Saturday Studio – Photography

If we can discover a child s urgent needs and powers, and if we can supply an environment of materials, appliances, and resources physical, social, and intellectual to direct their adequate operation, we shall not have to think about interest. It will take care of itself. 

~ John Dewey, Interest and Effort, 1913 ~

At Saturday Studio, the children arrive eager to try out different digital design platforms. I try my best to have all sorts of materials (non-digital, too) available for them to explore. In addition to the five cameras, an iPod, an iPhone, and web camera – we have added iPads and access to the green room!  In the past, children have created stop motion animation using the cameras. Some used Legos – others used clay. A couple of children used pencil drawings to make their drawings come ‘alive’ – Each year it differs.  I wonder what this year will bring as the children explore these tools and materials – how will they decide to use them? What will they want to do?

My youngest daughter, who has decided to join Saturday Studio this year, said to me, “Mom, I don’t want to mess around with the games and computers, I just want to take photos of what’s happening so you will remember all the cool things the kids are doing.” She said, “I just want to help you, mom, teach and take photos – can I do that?” She’s seven years old.

Her desire to help teach and document this studio space means something deeper than what I can articulate in this post. I know she wants to spend quality time with me while I work – I also know she wants to be helpful. She enjoys teaching and making art.  She has shown a great interest in photography over the past year.  I hope to provide an environment at home and in the studio that will help her develop that interest.  I believe that she should not have to wait to explore, engage, and tinker with this form of art. Photography is another way to communicate, to express yourself, and to engage with the world in a way that is personally meaningful.

Below are a few portraits of her favorite animal – She composed each with the intent of telling his story exploring a beautiful spring day.

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