Saturday Studio – Wrap Up 7

Saturday Studio – Wrap Up

It is hard to believe that Saturday Studio is over for the semester! What a great round – we had such great volunteers, incredible children, and terrific parents join us this year. Some of our dedicated volunteers worked with children ages 6-9 years old create stop motion animations. While others helped children ages 7 – 12 with Minecraft and photography.  Currently, I am preparing the artifacts for display for our end of the semester gallery show. As I review all the projects, I reminisce about how the children started on their first day.  Many were confused about the environment because they were given the tools to make ‘something’ and nothing else. But it did not take long for the children to dive in and explore their tools, materials, and environment to determine what they would make. Some children took a few weeks to work on stop motion animation and then transitioned to Minecraft. While others remained with one area of interest the entire six weeks. There were a couple of children that explored all the tools – each week trying something different. Nevertheless, each child was able to make a digital artifact to share at the gallery show this weekend.

Some of the creations were:

Physical artifacts using paper, clay, ribbon, legos, pencils, markers, etc.

Extravagant buildings and structures in Minecraft – including the use of command blocks and red stone!

Pixel art in Minecraft

Avatar skins for Minecraft 

Photographs of vacations and experiences in the studio

Stop Motion Movies


Scratch – programming animations

stop motion animation

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