Saturday Studio

Saturday Studio: Digital Design and Creative Explorations
With funding from multiple sources, this semester will be the sixth implementation of workshops for children ages 6+. I  have designed, coordinated, and collaborated with graduate students, undergraduate students, and professors to bring this series of workshops to our community. It is the only program of its kind in the area. Together we work with school age children and youth to help them work on interest-driven projects in a digital environment. Children have access to digital cameras, stop motion animation software, computer programs and games: Scratch, Stencyl, Photo Editing Software, Pivot, Minecraft, and Portal. The children who participate design and develop projects based on their interests in new media – creating levels for video games, remixing video games, making animations, mixing media, making stop motion animation movies, and more. At the end of each semester, we coordinate an interactive digital media gallery show, where parents and children (and others) can explore the digital media together. Children and youth provide tours of their digital artifacts and present how they made their projects.

Former Saturday Studio Collaborators: Faculty, Facilitators, and Researchers – I have worked with several instrumental faculty members and students over several years brainstorming ideas about the structure and design of Saturday Studio, determining research design, and coordinating the resources needed to provide children opportunities to explore, design, and make their interest-driven projects/artifacts. Due to their help and support, I have been able to explore my research interests – a special thank you to everyone who has helped!

Main Faculty Advisors

Dean Elizabeth Boling, Instructional Systems Technology

Dr. David Flinders, Curriculum Studies

Dr. Lara Lackey, Art Education

Dr. Mary McMullen, Early Childhood Education

Dr. Kylie Peppler, Learning Sciences

Graduate and Undergraduate Students


Cassidy Young, Art Education Graduate Student/Facilitator

Linda Helmick, Art Education Graduate Student/Facilitator

Libba Wilcox, Art Education Graduate Student/Saturday Art School Contact

Jen Sams, Art Education Graduate Student/Volunteer


Jen Sams, Art Education Graduate Student/Facilitator

Allison Hagenbuckle, Art Education Graduate Student/Facilitator

Ginger Brinn, Art Education Graduate Student/Saturday Art School Contact


Sophia Bender, Learning Sciences Graduate Student/Facilitator

Asmalina  Saleh, Learning Sciences Graduate Student/Facilitator

Johanna Keene, Learning Sciences Graduate Student/Facilitator

Dianna Huxhold, Art Education Graduate Student/Saturday Art School Contact


Erin Gill, Art Education Undergraduate, Richard Allesee Memorial Scholar, Pre-Service Educator 

Kaitlyn Root, Elementary Education Undergraduate, Pre-Service Educator

Kara Ingelhart, Biology Undergraduate

Amanda Zimmerman, Biology Undergraduate

Dianna Huxhold, Art Education Graduate Student/Saturday Art School Contact

Informal Contributors

Lisa Wood, Graduate Art Educator

David Shively, IT Specialist & Gaming Expert

Papers and/or Presentations regarding Saturday Studio 


Shively, K. (in press). Digital Progressive Learning Environment: Interest-Driven Curriculum for Elementary Children. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue.


Shively, K. (ACCEPTED). Crafting Lets Plays: Examining literacy 2.0 practices between adult and child. Submitted for presentation at the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum (AATC) Chicago, IL, USA.

Shively, K. (2013). Digital Design And Creative Explorations: An Interest-Driven,Informal Digital Learning Environment For Children. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) San Francisco, California,USA.

Shively, K. (2012). Interest-Driven Curriculum: Valuing Children as Epistemologists. Poster presentation and panel at the Curriculum and Instruction Research and Creative Activity Symposium (CIRCAS) Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

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