Saturday Studio Exhibit: A Short Reflection 3

Saturday Studio Exhibit: A Short Reflection

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As the semester comes to an end, so does the sixth implementation of Saturday Studio.  Reflecting on the semester I am thankful for the facilitators who volunteered their Saturdays to play, model, and guide children in this open-ended arts environment. We had another busy semester where children planned, designed, and made video games, stop motion animation movies, and created worlds in Minecraft. They worked together and individually – playing with the materials and technologies to make their artifacts for the big exhibit. Many children had physical and digital artifacts to share with the general public. While some children lost their artifacts in Minecraft due to either server issues or the Ender Dragon, which burned their builds down.  Nevertheless, they were able to share their process and the story behind their experience – which was very exciting to hear them share at the exhibit. Even though having a product to display helps others to see what was made, I realized not having an artifact puts us in a position to really examine the process – and to discuss what we learned from the destruction or loss of hard work. This focus on the process reminds us that mistakes are important to understanding how things work, coming to realize our limits and how to expand, and acknowledging we are not perfect (and that’s OK). That loss brings new opportunities. And being “defeated” can set the stage to “try, try again” – perseverance. When we only focus on the products or end result, we neglect reflecting on the entire process that involved not only moments of enjoyment, but also times of trial.

In my next post, I will share our process making a video game  –  the fun we had and the challenges we encountered!

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