How to Make a MakerSpace 3

How to Make a MakerSpace

This weekend I flew out to Boston, MA to attend a three day panel and worshop event hosted at Artisan Asylum. I did not know exactly what to expect.  When I arrived, I was overwhelmed with feelings of awe and excitement. This 40,000 square foot warehouse is jammed packed with mini shops for members to make a variety of different artifacts. There are several woodshops, metal shops, machine shops, sewing booths, crafting spaces, bike shops, etc.  Artisan Asylum refers to this large space as a “village of shops” where people have moved in their materials and machines – which keeps them here making and sharing with one another. The members of this village teach one another, offer classes to the community, and have refer to one another as their family. After touring this space, we sat down (over 100 participants) for dinner to listen to the inspiration of Dale Dougherty, the keynote speaker. I left the first night feeling very excited about the upcoming future of makerspaces. It is inspiring that participants came from all over the world to be here this weekend – 25 states and 5 different countries are represented.  Most participants are here to learn how to open and manage a Makerspace.


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