Make-to-Learn Symposium 1

Make-to-Learn Symposium

March 13, Chicago, IL

This year I have been working with Indiana University’s Creativity Labs to bring researchers and practitioners together for a one day hands-on, research focused event.  Below is a brief description of the Make-to-Learn initiative as described on our website:

Make-to-Learn is an effort that leverages DIY culture, digital practices, and educational research to advocate for placing making, creating, and designing at the core of educational practice. Recognizing and articulating the powerful learning potential of making and DIY culture is critical in broadening the reach of the Maker movement and in making programs centered on innovation, creativity, and inquiry more accessible and appealing to educators and youth in under-resourced settings. The broader vision of Make-to-Learn is an educational ecosystem that incorporates these practices as a means to engage and inspire all young people towards lifelong collaborative learning, experimentation, and invention. Visit to learn more about the Make-to-Learn Initiative.

Make-to-Learn is a thematic initiative of the Digital Media and Learning Hub at the University of California, Irvine and is supported by the MacArthur Foundation. Kylie Peppler and the Creativity Labs at Indiana University, Bloomington are leading this effort.

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